Sudoku Playing Directions

To Start a Daily Puzzle, you must first select Easy, Medium, or Hard and then a puzzle will Load in the GRID.

To place numbers, select a number below the GRID first, and then you select the square you wish to fill.

Game Play

Normal game play will have Given numbers placed initially for the beginning of the Game and then you will fill in the GRID by selecting and then Placing numbers from below the GRID.

Upon filling the GRID correctly a big Green Check-Mark will be displayed. At this point your Time will be stored and then later displayed if it is in the top 5 or 10 of the fastest times for that puzzle. If your are Logged In to the web site, your username will be displayed as well as the time. Reloading the screen will show you the top scores.

Game Icons on the screen:
   This is the Eraser.  If selected it will allow you to click into a square that has been filled in and then Blank it out.

Pencil Marks
This shows Pencil Marks. When selected it will show all the possible numbers that may be placed in a given square based on the numbers that already exist in the GRID. These are all automatically updated when new numbers are Placed. If a square is Blank when Pencil Marks are turned on ... it usually means a mistake has been made playing the puzzle.

Number One-Number Nine
These are the numbers to be selected and then placed into GRID. Clicking an existing number with a new number will replace the previous one. A number selection at the bottom will have a Green / Light Green Background when at least nine of that number are displayed on the GRID.

Start Timer and Pause Timer
These may be used to Start and Pause the Timer. When the first number is placed on the GRID, the timer will automatically Start. When Paused the GRID becomes Black.

Match Numbers On and Match Numbers Off
When the Match Numbers is turned ON, it has a light Blue Background and will highlight all the numbers on the GRID based on the Selected Number on the bottom that has been chosen to be placed. This is by default turned ON.

When the Check button is pressed, the GRID will show all Invalid placed numbers with a Red background color. It is highly suggested that you remove the incorrect Red Numbers before continuing to finish the puzzle.

When the Solve button is pressed, the GRID will show all correctly placed numbers.

When the Reset button is pressed, the GRID will reset to the original Starting of the puzzle.

Increase the GRID Size and Reduce the GRID Size
These icons will allow you to change the GRID size on the screen.

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